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July 23rd

July 23, 2012

Well, a few days ago I was forced to help my family’s business play music at a 60th birthday party. My first thoughts were of course, groan, old people, that sounds beyond boring. So, basically I was expecting a snooze fest,and intense boredom. You know, the regular things that go with old people and what not, apparently in my mind.

I have to admit, I was a bit wrong. Our specific instructions were no music newer than 1978, which apparently is harder than it sounds. It does however mean you get to play a ton of older, and maybe better music? We played a ton of swing, lots of jazz, and honestly had a blast. They had this strange habit, inlcuding the guy in charge, of requesting songs in the 2000’s though, so I determined they may have been a bit drunk.

In other news, yeah, so I learned a lesson this weekend, old people are not as lame as I priorly would have thought at parties. They all danced till very late late hours, drank much much more than I would have expected, and sang very very loudly. It was like watching a bunch of teenagers than I hang out with. So, note to self, my group of friends are totally going to be those guys in 50 years, what a pleasant thought.

Anyhow, that was my exciting bit of news, I am off to try baking some carrot cake. Have an epic day, cheers!


#24, No Time

July 12, 2012
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Imagine a place where the time disappeared
The seconds were gone with a tick,
and all the particles zooming among us
stayed as still as a never touched stick

People had places and people to see
But all the time in the world made them lazy
Beyond the green grasses and rolling hills
Forever was waiting, what rush was there to leave?

Work ceased to happen, jobs ceased to be
All the people just ate and were merry
For if no time at all there could possibly be
The people of this world had plenty

A lack of seconds and minutes can make
The easiest plans stray away
Many just laughed and determined
All actions can wait for another day

If all time was stolen, if all time let go
Does that mean each second would be forever ago
You could sit for eternity and never know why
It felt like it had been just seconds this existence presides

Now, if we had no measure of the fourth dimension,
Yes, a human invention, but something real you can see,
If the waters of time stopped flowing for you and me
The atoms of everything that in passing I did mention

Those people with too much time on their hands
Since it had already become finished and done
All those meetings that ceased to exist
All the people in this world with me

If time really did stop, got taken away
None of us would live to see another day
For time may happen to be a relative thing
But it only stops for those who stop moving

For any who wished the seconds would pass
With an eternity in between each
They might well want to be aware
That it means they’re ceasing to be

#23 Cats

July 12, 2012
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An Ode to my Favourite Friends

Another one who is less may not get
Why exactly millions of us love you
Your cute faces, the softest fur to pet
Can keep anyone from feeling dark blue
A loveable friend to any willing
Or able to deal with all your abuse
Although you cost us many a shilling
Those who hate you, I would call them obtuse
The online community has embraced
Pictures pur-fect of your adorable
Although an army of you, I’ve not faced
I presume it would not be bearable
In spite of your vicious and scary claws
I love your faces, and cute furry paws

#22 Mother Nature

July 12, 2012
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A child went across to town
He did not understand the ground
He asked his mother what grew
She said only mother nature knew
So a mother named Nature he found

#21 Vacations

July 12, 2012
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A very few days ago, I went on a vacation
A change of place, a very new location
The sun is hot enough to scorch
The buildings burn, the children torch
A day away from work and stress
A day to clean up last day’s mess
The time is open, the day is free
The time is stolen away from me

I watch the children outside play
I watch the ships come in, than sail away
Sitting in my hotel room
Sitting, I feel as if inside a tomb
My work at home tugs at my heart
My lover knows we’re now apart
The money I do not have is gone
The daylight comes, it is now dawn
My vacation draws a close

All the problems of real life pose
The questions in my mind persist
The questions clarity fills with mist
Although this new place is great
Although it takes my mind from hate
I feel as though I’m caving in
I cannot escape, nor can I win
A vacation is a great little break
A place to see my life was fake

Although everyone else is having fun
My vacation has not even begun
I wish I could just take a day
And pretend my troubles faded away
I wish that just a tiny gap
Was not actually a trap
For there are those that can fix
All life’s problems in one mix
Just through a flight and fun
It’s like the weight rises up from a tonne
And becomes a light feather barely around
Though for me, it a tight packed mound

A few days ago, I left my home
A few days ago, I left for Rome
I went to Sicily, to London too
I even went to machu pichu in Peru
And after all my travels there
I fell asleep somewhere bare
I vacationed through all the places I love

As if upon the wings of fate
I tracked fasted than all to date
I may have never left my bed
I may have never left my head
After all my dreams came true
I went to sleep, and what have you
Although I couldn’t get away
I never woke again to day
My work was gone, my mind cleaned up
Fun was had by all, and flight
I went out of my room at night
Although I never opened my eyes
My life was no longer filled with lies

I never woke up the next day
The day after I vacationed away
My Lover knew where I had gone
The children played out in the sun
The mound into a feather became
The feather lifted up to fame
My problems far away have gone
I can finally vacation in the sun

But of course

July 10, 2012

So, this is COMPLETELY UNEDITIED, and honestly, I probably will edit it at some point, so, yeah, I kinda like it? It has some things that bother me, and well, its not my favourite thing I’ve wrote, but it’s not my least favourite either!

Tracy, Jenna, Laura and Rachel walked into a bar, and then promptly walked out. it was too cold, damp, and to put it nicely,

“Disgusting!”. Tracy shook in her jacket, it was floor length and still could barely keep her warm. “I agree, most definitely” chimed in Jenna and Laura. They were both little Tracy-ites. Rachel just shivered, she was here because Tracy was her cousin, nothing more. The Tracy-sits followed behind, both trying to walk identically to the real Tracy. Rachel tried to laugh, but it was cold, and the bar hadn’t panned out. the only good thing promised had been boys in bars, and Rachel was thoroughly pissed.

“I think we should find a hotel. We are four hours from home, and it’s like two in the morning”

Rachel thought it best to act as a voice of reason. The Tracy clones were drunk, and Tracy herself might have had more than she let on. Actually, Rachel knew she had drunken at least 7 shots, that was enough to stop all of them from driving. Rachel herself, of course, had determined it best not to consume alcohol. She knew they would drink, and she knew a situation like this would arise. As it stood though,Rachel was in no mood to drive four bimbos to their homes and was thinking that passing out in a roach infested hotel might be more pleasant at this point.

“I’m seriously like, so cold”

“I cannot even feel my toes”

“I think we took a wrong turn to Siberia guys, like seriously”

Jenna, Laura, and than Tracy. All three of them laughed at the Siberia comment, Rachel managed a smile. Tracy’s laugh was a bit too high pitched, as if a shake of helium was infused into just her laugh. Her speaking voice was mechanic enough, maybe the leftover was helium Rachel couldn’t help thinking. Laura and Jenna laughed in unison, a slight hum. Both of their faced tipped the same way, their hair pushed to the side of their faces. Rachel also assumed she should just take them as one person. It was evident they were twins, even their ways of walked (quick and with a bit of a shuffle. Think very elegant penguins, with a bit of flair, and much less flapping) was in a crazy rhythm.

“Well, I cannot even believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Rachel. Hotel it is, I’m ready for bed”

Tracy shivered as she said this, the alcohol had be wearing off. If she had been cold before, wait until the anti-freeze stopped working, thought rachel. Laura and Jenna were still unable to walk. The had to start grasping each other for balance, and Rachel tried her best to push them out of the traffics way. It was not the poor drivers fault that these two were idiots, any more than it was Rachel’s fault her mom was Tracy’s mom’s sister.

“I see one. Hurry up guys, let’s get going”

Rachel pushed them into the direction if a somewhat interesting hotel. It had a flashing neon sign, with a flicker to it that meant this place wouldn’t be too expensive. The walls were a finished white, and the rooms looked to be spaced a fair bit apart. It was canada after all, and there was room for isolation.

“This looks worse than the bar stupid, let’s go somewhere else”

“No opinions for you, shut up and move”

All of them stammered into the lobby. The sign announced in a serious font: No service past midnight. This was dismaying. They had to catch a cab back to their car, than drive home, or sleep outside the front door. Rachel was not looking forward to this, and even in their drunken states Laura and Jenna were displeased. Tracy looked poignant as ever, above looking displeased, or even intrigued. She was a beautiful woman, no doubt about it, and Rachel could see why she had cronies. Her blond hair was perfect, straight and styled, her dark green eyes never too lit up to give the impression of ‘giving a damn’. Tracy was the original ice queen, and she, even now, was not about to change.

As they sat outside, and tried to think through the obvious choices, Tracy seemed to get a strange look on her face. Was she, was she thinking! Rachel was so impressed she could hardly contain herself.

“What is it bimbo, I know you’ve got something”

“Shut up and follow me. Be quiet!”

“Like, totally man”

All three followed Tracy’s lead. She walked around behind the hotel, and targeted out the farthest room. Right up to the window she went, and afterwards Tracy pushed her hand to the glass and banged. The fish on the other side of the bowl was sure to be happy about that. However, Rachel soon discovered the fish must have been in the castle, for no loud bubbles came from inside.

“How the hell do you plan to get in?”

Rachel wasn’t entirely against the idea of breaking and entering, it was the most exciting think that had happened all night. This did not lend her an easier way to get into the room though. Most had security nowadays, as well as having invigorating alarms. Invigorating in the sense that they would add life and wakefulness to all the patrons of this hotel, without need of coffee. Invigorating alarms were much worse than their contemporaries, the snoozing alarms, but that is a different matter entirely thought Rachel, and the problem still hadn’t been solved.

“Its open, guys”

Laura said this in a timid voice. One could tell she was used to having her sisters voice back up her own.

“Wait, really? Good job Laura, I’m actually impressed for once”

Tracy pushed ahead, and instantly claimed on of the two beds for herself. The twins following curled up into the far bed, and Rachel was forced to take the couch. But of course, she thought, thinking this had to be the slogan of the day. But of course she had to stay sober. But of course they wouldn’t get home in time. But of course she would have to sleep in the worst possible location. But of course, Rachel passed out thinking this, and hoping, that the owner wasn’t about to wake them up tomorrow morning and shoot at them with a rifle.

Tracy also fell asleep when her heels stabbed the bed. It was as if a mannequin had possessed her, and rag doll physics took over. Jenna duplicated this, but Jenna having little room left was having an obvious difficulty crawling in. Finally finding it very difficult to sleep, Jenna determined that she wanted to go for a walk. This was a big step for her, a walk by herself was an obvious sign of independence. She stretched, quietly put her shoes back on, and left for the door.

Her hand grasped the cold knob. It was a bit hard in her altered state to grab on tightly, as an old door demanded, but Jenna propped herself up on the nearest wall, and twisted. She twisted hard too, harder than Jenna presumed she would have. The door knob didn’t budge. It didn’t even twist. Jenna pulled harder, still nothing. Taking off her heels, and sobering up from the effort, she put her back into it, her legs and her torso. It was a full figure affair, and yet still nothing.

“What the fuck”
“What the hell, what’s wrong with this doorknob”

This was all said very quietly. Even in her anger, Jenna remembered not to wake her friends. Tracy would be displeased, that was unacceptable at best. Jenna kicked the door lightly and sat down beside her ivory heels.

Jenna than decided the one window by the front would be a decent escape route. From the outside she could certainly unlock the door, and perhaps the locks had just been placed backwards. This was probable, seeing as how they and easily gotten in. She than grabbed the window slider, and pushed. It made not a sound, and neither a movement. Jenna was a strong enough girl, a window shouldn’t have been a problem. Even some toddlers can open windows thought Jenna, and she went back to sitting down, hoping that they were not stuck.

Jenna was still unable to sleep though, so she started thinking about the days events. The three had driven four hours to go to a bar, the Angelic Haunt. It was supposed to have incredibly hot male dancers, and brilliant shots. The bar was held in such high esteem that the quartet had even visited a few lesser known pubs to prepare. Walking into that nightmare, an obvious Hells Angels hang out, was atrocious. The air smelled a bit like fish, and a lot like hand sanitizer, the stench of age. The men had been, well, flabby, and the woman to low of standard to care.

The four hour drive had been perhaps the worst part though. It was a tough call, seeing as how the bar was ‘that bad’ but the drive wasn’t pleasant. Laura had sent the whole time sucking up to Tracy, as had Jenna herself. Tracy just stared out the window evenly, occasionally smiling at her own inside jokes. Rachel had bitched and complained, but of course, the entire way.

Jenna thought about those occurrences, and how she really wasn’t sure why she adored Tracy so much. Tracy wasn’t very smart, or funny, or even really talented. Ever since Laura had started idolising her, Jenna had followed. She never did sister-less things, ever. That was her safety net, her back up, B team safety net. Jenna was sobering up, and maybe it was the long drive, or the terrible outcome, but she was really thinking. It had been a long time since she had had a self chat, a personal heart to, same heart. The early morning and promise of a hangover helped the chat along.

Rachel woke up at this point, her bed not adequate for a convict. She saw Jenna in the corner, sitting beside her heels and obviously unable to sleep. Rachel, although sore, forced herself beside Jenna. She only knew her based on Tracy, and could give the girl some slack in the situation. It had been a depressing day.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, generally, I mean, yes. Rachel, the door, it’s, I dunno”

“Yeah, neither do I. Today was rough, Tracy actually had a decent idea though bringing us here”

“Tracy, yeah, Tracy, I dunno.”

Rachel soon noticed Jenna was running off the end of all her sentences. She was tired, but it was more than that. Rachel thought that perhaps, Jenna had seen the daylight about Tracy. Inside she rejoiced, but on the outside, she just added

“Yeah, what do you like about her anyways?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Laura, it’s cause Laura”

After the mention of Laura, Jenna stopped speaking. Rachel assumed twin jealousy, something bound to happen within sets she was sure. She left Jenna to think about it.

“Hey, if you don’t like her, just, leave it. You dint have to follow in your sisters footsteps. You know, just in case no ones ever told you that, Tracy and Laura aren’t the smartest”

With that, Rachel tried to go back to sleep. It was possible that no one had ever told Jenna to figuratively get a life, and well, Rachel the honorary sober one was certainly able to fulfil that need. Her good deed of the day complete, and beyond exhausted, Rachel continued to flop and pass out once more. But of course, Jenna still couldn’t sleep.

She sat there, rather awake, and mulling over her lifetime. It had only been 18 years, so not all that long. it had been a very boring childhood, what with her following in Laura’s footsteps. Jenna had never had a boyfriend with which Laura did not agree. She had never even gone on a singular date. Adding to the fact Tracy was around now, and she had to get double approval of all the actions she did.

Jenna realised that right now, as they slept, she could make a first move alone. She could finally, if all went well, go on a date alone with a boy. Her mind churned with anger from the lack of singularity she had ever experienced. Jenna was a smart enough girl, and she could make this happen, then, afterwards, she perhaps could open those doors.

Jenna went to have a light nap, she knew what to do, and at this point, about four in the morning, Rachel woke up. She determined that going out into the air would be a great way perhaps to put her mind at ease. Rachel quietly got off the couch. She quietly grabbed her shoes, which were actually practical. Rachel even made sure to make her bed behind her. She was all set for leaving.

As she walked toward the door, Rachel grabbed her coat. Thinking it would probably be colder as well, she grabbed Jenna’s. Than, she reached for the door-

Jenna jumped up from her nap, in a blaze of anger

“It’s locked, I tried it already and it’s locked”

“what do you mean? I didn’t lock it, and I was the last person in”

“still, it’s locked. I swear to you, we’re stuck. But, it’s not that bad..”

And at this point, Jenna knocked Rachel over the head with her heel. Rachel sort of, shockingly, fell over. She wasn’t quite out, but her head was tipsy and she didn’t really think she was able to get up. She watched Jenna grab a heavy bible from the side cabinet, and walk toward Tracy.

Rachel, still in her daze, watched Jenna than beet Tracy over the head with the book. Rachel was barely conscious, and couldn’t see well, but she could hear the thuds of the bible. It wasn’t that loud, just the only thing Rachel could really here.

As she slipped in and out of consciousness, Rachel saw Jenna move over to Laura’s bed. She tried to yell out, but, her consciousness finally slipped, and she fell completely over. Rachel was unable to help.

Jenna finished, the bible dented from all the hard work, and sat down peacefully. She stretched, put her shoes on, and went for the door. Rachel’s body was in the way, but it was easily misplaced with a kick. Jenna tried the doorknob again. Her grip was steady, her hands placed sturdy, and twisted. Nothing budged. She started to pound upon the door, but not even a lurch. Jenna, throwing herself at the door, tried as hard as possible to escape. She kept throwing herself at the door, until she finally threw herself down, and collapsed. Jenna was not getting out.

In a while, Rachel woke up. Jenna was also asleep, and no other sounds were coming from the room. Rachel started freaking out, and grabbing all her things. She put on her shoes, she grabbed her jacket, and her cell. Deciding to wait until out of the room to call, Rachel propped Jenna out of the way, and grabbed the doorknob. But of course, it opened her first try. Rachel made the call.

July 7th, 2012

July 7, 2012

Gosh, has it ever been too long. I miss blogging, but life had been much to hectic, and well, I ended up moving. To another city, a very HOLY JESUS I DO NOT KNOW ANYONE HERE sort of place, and I miss that. The thing, seriously I miss most is walking down the street and getting to wave at all the lovely people I got the chance of meeting. Oh well, I am sure eventually after a few bazillion days of trying to meet people I’ll learn some peoples names and faces. It is bound to happen after a while.

Now, the reason I have been less than attentive to my blog is sort of a myriad of things. For one, my Internet is only allowed to be in for an hour a day. During this hour I usually opt to talking to my friends back at home, through skype calls or chats or whatever. This, is because I am frankly a bit home sick. Though, less than I thought I would be, so yeah. Mostly, I guess I miss my friends. So, friend sick? I do think I have found a few ways to try to at least chat with a few people. I plan on doing volleyball on weekends, and if I get a job, I can meet people through work. That is always a reasonable idea, or attempt or whatever, right? Also, I had two job interviews thus far, so I’m still holding my fingers cross hoping I get a job.

Now, moving has been hectic. My mom has gotten engaged, which is awesome, but it’s a big change for everyone and tensions are a bit high. This is evident in the way everyone goes about being all super super quiet and awkward. It’s a bit strange of a living place. My general new life, since I don’t know people to socialize with is basically do ALL THE CHORES, than chill and read for like 5 hours a day, also, hand out resumes. Occasionally I go for runs, since they make life seem more awesome. And I cook, a lot. Actually, today, later, I am going to make cupcakes, woot.

Okay, so yeah, that is about it, I think. I need to go, and my Internet is very shortly being abolished, so cheers. I hope to write more often, and shall try my best. Have a wicked day!

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